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Shootings in Minneapolis a Massive Problem in 2016

Though it’s too early in the year to lament the crime wave of 2016 in Minneapolis, the signs thus far are not good. The reasons are complex for the uptick in violence in the city but law enforcement is doing all they can against a seemingly ins...
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Minneapolis Police Officers Will Not Be Charged in Jamar Clark Shooting

In what may add fuel to the embers of the Black Lives Matter movement, prosecutors have announced that two white officers who shot and killed Jamar Clark last fall will not be charged. The shooting of Clark, an unarmed 24-year-old black man, on...
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Minneapolis Police Chief Will Continue in Top Job Despite Criticism

Police throughout the nation are facing intense scrutiny in the wake of several controversial shootings. Minneapolis is not immune to the controversy. Police Chief Janee Harteau—who has been at the center of the local and national scrutiny—will...
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Minneapolis Police Department Fires Two Officers

In recent days, two Minneapolis police officers have been fired for what appears to be misconduct. One officer, Rod Webber, was fired after an investigation showed he had threatened to break the leg of a car theft suspect. The threat was caught...
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US Supreme Court to Review Minnesota’s Warrantless Searches in DWI Cases

Minnesota has a fairly unique law that gives police the right to conduct searches that are considered unconstitutional in most other states. Minnesota law enforcement officials can demand a blood or urine test—without first obtaining a warrant—...
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Shooting at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest Increases Tension

Some of those gathered at the Black Lives Matter demonstration that was fired upon several days ago have called the shooting a “hate crime” and an “act of terrorism.” Several victims were hospitalized with non-life threatening wounds. According...
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Minneapolis Homicides: No End in Sight to Troubling Trend

Police should be applauded for their efforts in putting an end to violent crime in Minneapolis but the challenges are daunting especially as the force is understaffed. Local NBC station KARE 11 reports that the police are investigating a third ...
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Minneapolis Continues to Struggle with Violent Crime Trend

A recent report by CBS Minnesota details the symbolic efforts of the Chief of Police to combat crime. Police Chief Janee Harteau spent part of her week on the beat after a weekend that has been following a recent troubling trend: an increase in...
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Minneapolis Homicides Up, Overall Crime Down

Despite a rise in homicides in Minneapolis so far this year, overall crime is decreasing in nearly every city neighborhood compared to the last four years. On average, there have been 14 homicides per year in the city over the last four years b...
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Local Minneapolis Police Officers Look at Violence at an Area Nightclub

Police in the city of Minneapolis are concerned about a deadly act of violence at an area nightclub. Unfortunately the club as well as the owners has a long history of violence. Police feel that this might be one more chapter in an already extr...
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