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Downtown Minneapolis to Get More Police Patrols

There is no magic solution to bringing crime rates down. But Minneapolis should be lauded for recent efforts to make the community safer by reducing crime. Nearly any efforts to make our community safer are assumed to be well-intended if not de...
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More Funding in Minneapolis to Fight Hate Crimes

When someone is victimized as a direct result of their race, religion, sexuality or other inherent qualities, a hate crime may be alleged. This can lead to more severe penalties for the convicted. However, proving that a crime was committed as ...
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African-Americans in St. Paul More Likely to Be Stopped than Whites

Recent data released by the St. Paul Police Department offers troubling facts: According to multiple media sources, including NPR, the department is much more likely to search and frisk African-Americans who are stopped by police than members o...
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Minneapolis Trying New Approach to Gang Violence

While violent crime is at near historic lows throughout the nation, there are many pockets within large urban areas where violence is wreaking havoc. Minneapolis is one such urban center. According to the StarTribune there have been 317 shootin...
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More Trauma from Heroin Epidemic in Minnesota

The suspected heroin dealer has been in jail for months after being accused of selling extremely “dangerous” drugs. Beverly N. Burrell is the suspect in several deaths linked to the heroin she was allegedly selling. One alleged victim was a res...
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Minneapolis Ranked 25th Most Dangerous City in the Nation

There is no doubt that terrible crimes do happen in the country and that more needs to be done to curb such crime, especially violent crime, throughout the country. But the truth is, violent crime has been declining or has leveled off at histor...
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Crime Continues to Plague Minneapolis

Despite their best efforts, police and legislators are unable to curb the increase in violence that has plagued Minneapolis over the last year. While crime in much of the country is down to historic lows, large cities, like Minneapolis, seem to...
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The University of Minnesota Changes Approach for Sexual Misconduct Cases

With the best of intentions, the university plans to add additional training for “35 volunteers to preside over hearings, as part of an effort to cope with an upsurge in complaints about sexual misconduct on campus,” the Star Tribune reports. ...
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Minneapolis Activists Propose Solution to Police Brutality

Each year cities across the country pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle allegations of police brutality. Large settlements are supposed to compensate victims but are also designed to force police departments to change their ways, rid ...
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Violence in Minneapolis: No End in Sight

After a high number of shootings over the first five months of the year, citizens are demanding to know what officials are planning to do in an effort to stem the violence. A recent Star Tribune article implies that many critic...
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