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An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer for all of Minneapolis

If you were arrested in or around Minneapolis, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney.  

After an arrest, you need an attorney who knows the law, can anticipate prosecutors' strategies, identify  law enforcement errors and aggressively protect you from prosecution. 
Call as soon as possible for a confidential consultation: Don't speak to the police. Speak with a defense attorney who will make your case his priority, offer you candid advice and clearly explain all of your legal options.
All it takes is a Reasonable Doubt to Prove you are not Guilty

You may face charges related to domestic violence, drug possession, sex crimes or DWI. You may be accused of fraud, money laundering or even homicide. 

Your immigration status may be at stake. Your freedom may be at risk. Your reputation and livelihood may be on the line. No matter the odds stacked against you, all it takes is a reasonable doubt to prove you are not guilty. With the right lawyer on your side, you can dramatically minimize your risk of prosecution and limit your exposure to the most devastating penalties.