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Probation Violations

Probation Violations in Minnesota

Probation Violations Cases Work Differently

Probation violations cases work differently than most criminal cases. Some important things to know about probation violations include:

  • The timeline is usually much faster. When it comes to criminal cases, lost time can mean losing options and increasing the chances of an undesirable outcome. Time is an even more important factor for probation violations cases. It is vital that your defense is planned prior to your court hearing. This means bringing a qualified probation attorney on board as soon as you have been charged.
  • The evidence required is not as stringent. The burden of proof for a probation violation is much easier for the prosecution to meet than it was during your original criminal case. Additionally, it is likely that the judge knows and trusts the probation officer. You need someone looking out for your best interests that the judge also knows and trusts.
  • The original sentence can be imposed if you are found guilty.  Probation is sometimes viewed by the court as a gift. Rather than serving a lengthy jail or prison sentence, you were allowed to make a contract with the court instead. However, if you break that contract by violating any of the terms, that gift can be taken away. If your probation violation is proven, you could be sent to jail immediately and/or made to pay any fines that were stayed.

Attorney Douglas Kans is highly respected in the legal community and was selected “Who's Who in Criminal Defense” by Minnesota Law & Politics Magazine. Since 1995, he has successfully defended probation violation issues in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota.

Avoid Arrest and Prevent Your Probation or Parole Status from Being Revoked

Given the stringent nature of most probation agreements, it is possible that you did not intend to commit a probation violation. Furthermore, sometimes people are charged with probation violations because of events outside of their control. Whatever the reason, Mr. Kans is ready to put forth a strong defense for probation violations including:

  • Failure to report for drug testing
  • Failing a drug substance test
  • Failure to check in with a parole officer or probation officer
  • Failure to report for community service

It can be scary and frustrating to face the consequences of your original sentence when you are trying to put your conviction behind you. This is especially the case if you were doing your best to meet the terms of your probation. Fortunately, there may be numerous defense options even for the most complex cases. Your goal is to avoid arrest and prevent your probation or parole status from being revoked.  Mr. Kans shares that goal. If you have been charged with a probation violation in Minnesota, contact him today to start building the defense strategy that will give you the best possible outcome.