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Shooting in Downtown Minneapolis Leaves One Man Dead

Unfortunately, Minneapolis has long been nicknamed “Murderopolis” due to the high number of violent crimes that plague its city streets. That nickname has once again become relevant as police reported a shooting downtown that left o...
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Armed Robbery Suspects Baffle the Minneapolis Police

On June 23 an adult female was robbed at gunpoint in Minneapolis. The crime took place somewhere around the 4200 block of Linden Hills Boulevard. Authorities say that the suspect arrived at around 10:00 PM. Approximately 20 minutes later a ...
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Infant Shot by Family Member on Accident in Minneapolis

While police initially believed that a stray bullet had injured a 2-month-old baby in Minneapolis, they were apparently not correct about that. On Thursday September 5 a family member accidentally shot the baby, according to new police reports....
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Two Are Injured in Overnight Shooting

Minneapolis Police are taking a look at an early morning shooting that left two people injured. They are looking for suspects. Currently they do not appear to have anyone in custody. Authorities have actually stated that no arrests have bee...
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