When someone is victimized as a direct result of their race, religion, sexuality or other inherent qualities, a hate crime may be alleged. This can lead to more severe penalties for the convicted. However, proving that a crime was committed as a result of hate can be very difficult. Now Minneapolis will receive more funding from the mayor’s office to investigate and prosecute hate crimes, according to a recent Minnesota Daily story. Anyone concerned about constitutional protections should be concerned about hate crimes. We should also be concerned about protecting the rights of those accused of hate crimes. The accused have guaranteed constitutional protections as well.

Some concerned citizens are fearful that the president’s latest statements and executive actions regarding immigration may lead to an uptick in hate crimes as more citizens may feel encouraged to enforce the policies that seem to be emanating from Washington. This remains to be seen. But if we do see an increase in hate crimes allegations, this law firm is well prepared to defend the accused and their constitutional rights.