There is no magic solution to bringing crime rates down. But Minneapolis should be lauded for recent efforts to make the community safer by reducing crime. Nearly any efforts to make our community safer are assumed to be well-intended if not destined for success. KSTP Eyewitness News recently reported that Minneapolis will be rolling out a major crime prevention plan with downtown as the focus. While this may be well-intended, many times a “get tough on crime” stance leads to innocent people getting caught in a web of overreaction.

Part of the downtown Minneapolis crime prevention plan is to increase police patrols year-round rather than limiting such extra patrols to the summer months. Much of the effort will be directed at the city’s gun crime problem. Everyone can agree that gun violence is major problem. Increased patrols may in fact reduce the violence in the city. Briefly. Until more investments are made to address the root causes of violent crime, increased patrols will only be a short-term solution.